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Reduce Your Travel Costs

Letspool is the cheapest way for students to travel, whether it's a daily commute or a trip home. Passengers save money and the driver gets paid!

Connecting Students

We're committed to building a student community through our ridesharing platform. Promoting inclusion and creating new experiences is a core part of Letspool's mission.


No Ads, No Subscription

Don't worry, the app is free to download and there's no subscription. We're committed to making genuine change for students.


Rideshare & Save Money with Letspool's Student Ridesharing App

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Q. How does it work?
Simply download the Letspool app and verify you're a student.
If you're a Rider, find your ideal rideshare and reserve a seat. You can even reserve seats for friends.
If you're a Driver, create the journey you plan to take, post it, and earn in fuel contribution by accepting fellow students as Riders.
Q. Who can use Letspool?
Letspool is exclusive to University Students in the UK. Therefore, we require users to verify their student identity (via e-mail) and we also ask for certain information from student drivers. This includes basic details such as the vehicle registration number, so we can verify the vehicle is roadworthy. 
Q. How is the fuel contribution calculated?
The cost of the journey is calculated with the distance, avg. MPG, and fuel prices are taken into account, as per the guidelines set out by the Association of British Insurers. No profits will be made for the driver, but they will significantly reduce their fuel costs. 
Q. Does it help against COVID-19?
If you're using Letspool to rideshare with a few students, as opposed to taking public transport, you're potentially working to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus 🦠 and you're travelling in a more secure space. Click here to read more about our response to Covid-19.

A convenient way to save money



Simply, download the Letspool app and verify that you're a student.
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Find your ideal rideshare and reserve a seat. If you're driving, create your journey.
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Celebrate! You've saved money compared to using the bus or the train. If you drive, you've significantly reduced your fuel costs.

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